Security Labels Protect Your Product and Your Brand

Security Labels Protect Your Product and Your Brand

See how our Security Labels can secure your product and protect your brand.

You may be so used to seeing them you hardly notice them, but if you've ever tried to remove a security label you know they're here to stay.

Today, we'll hear from AMS Printing staff and customers about our huge range of security labels, and how we can make a difference to your business.

As demand for security labels has grown, labels have become increasingly sophisticated: foil, Holograms, Lamination, Numbering, Barcoding, Die-cutting and tamper evident adhesives. From asset and inventory control labels to equipment safety warning labels, from "Void if removed" labels to "self destructing" parking permits, security labels are BIG priority when securing your product from copycats.

Account Manager, Ron Shmargad describes the three main security label types AMS Printing offers, "We have what's called a 'Destructible' label, that when you try to remove it, it just shreds and falls apart. There's no way that label can be used again if they are tampered with. We also have two other labels, called 'tamper-evident'. One leaves behind a checkerboard pattern when you remove it. The other leaves behind a pattern displaying the word 'Void'. If someone tries to remove one of these, you'll know it."

AMS Printing's Security Labels are available in a range of materials and formats. Special copy, four-color printing, die-cutting, and lamination (for damp conditions or outdoor use) are also options. Shmargad says, "We can meet most every need. We can also do barcodes, consecutive-number/variable image and variable data. It doesn't have to be sequential. You supply us with an Excel file of the data that needs to go on the labels, and we can do it."

Police departments are frequent Security Labels users. They apply our labels to bags containing items and evidence from various crimes. You have this label, put it on the evidence bag, you get all your information on it that is important for evidence management. But if somebody tries to open that bag, they won't be able to reseal it, because the labels just shreds apart. That's how officials can tell if anybody's tampered with the chain of evidence. These labels are a must have in any law enforcement office.

Other uses for tamper evident labels are for hospital equipment or other situations that require proof of sterilization or cleaning with detergents. Just walk into any doctor's office and look at the equipment. There are five or six labels on everything.

Then there are badges, ID's and parking decals. AMS Printing has been supplying millions of these products to schools, universities, municipalities, sports stadiums and airports. Schools have long had a problem with parking management. They have used AMS Printing parking permits to help organize what used to be a chaotic scene into a organized and tamper proof management system.

So if you have a project that requires printing with some security against fraud, tampering or duplication. Think of AMS Printing as your one stop shop for all your secure printing needs. Call us today to discuss your printing project.

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