Laminated Polypropylene

Coated polypropylene sleeve is impervious and non linting with great strength. The perfect arm guard where liquid splash is a concern.
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  • Arm guard perfect for pesticide spraying, abestos and mold remediation, painting, light acid splash protection and any wet general maintenance areas


  • Impervious to liquids
  • Water repellant
  • Made from a solid sheet of polyethylene bonded to surface providing protection from liquids splashes
  • Fabric conforms to FDA specifications


  • 100% Latex Free
  • Flame Resistant
  • In stock and ready for immediate delivery
  • All sleeves have elastic on both ends


  • SSA1A112


    • Size: 18" x 9"
    • Material type: Laminated Polpropylene
    • Quantity: 200 Sleeves per box (100 pairs)
    • Sleeve Color: White
    18" x 9" White White 200
    Price per Box
    $64.34 $62.37 $60.32 $58.34
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