Keyguard® Sleeves

These sleeves are a cost savings and an alternative to Tyvek® that provides the worker with outstanding protection, durability and comfort.
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  • Arm guards and sleeves provide protection against acid, alkalies, solvents, chemicals, oils, fats, grease, salts and abrasion
  • Excellent choice for clean room apparel


  • Keyguard® fabric is effective everywhere a Tyvek® is used
  • Excellent barrier protection from chemicals and water
  • Lightweight material resistant to tears and puncture
  • Very flexible, smooth,low linting material


  • Keyguard® material is a microporous polyolefin fabric
  • Conforms to FDA specifications
  • All sleeves have elastic on both ends


  • SSA1A113


    • Size: 18" x 9" (Large)
    • Material type: Keyguard® (Microporous polyolefin)
    • Quantity: 200 Sleeves per box (100 pairs)
    • Sleeve Color: White
    18" x 9" White White 200
    Price per Box
    $102.15 $99.02 $95.76 $92.64
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