"PRIORITY BIOHAZARD" Reclosable Specimen Bag

Recyclable Recyclable
These bags provide an excellent package for transferring specimens and paperwork together in hospital and medical environments.
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  • Reclosable 3-Wall Specimen Transfer Bags for Laboratories with printed message: "PRIORITY BIOHAZARD"


  • Available in many sizes
  • All Bags are Latex Free
  • Bags are available in 3 wall construction
  • The 3 wall bag is designed with a separate outer pouch that has a flap to secure paperwork during transfer
  • Bags are reclosable with a top seal
  • Bags are printed with easy to read text that alerts staff to important instructions


  • Gauge: 2 Mil. (.002")
  • Millions of bags are in stock and ready to be shipped at a moments notice
  • Recyclable: Yes


  • "PRIORITY BIOHAZARD" Reclosable Specimen Bag



    • Bag Size: 12" x 15" (W x L)
    • Number of bags per box: 1,000
    • Gauge: 2 Mil. (.002")
    • Weight per box: 26.0 lbs
    • Recyclable: Yes
    • Main line: "Priority Biohazard"
    12" x 15" Yellow Yellow 1,000
    Price per Box
    $347.90 $330.49 $320.05 $313.10
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