0.9 Mil Low Density

This is your basic plastic bag. Bags are made from a unique blend of linear low density (LLD) resin. This material allows bags to be of a thinner gauge while still providing the same or better strength and puncture resistance as a standard low density bag of a higher gauge.
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  • Bags used for storage and transport packaging of items where bag volume must expand to comfortably accommodate the contents
  • Perfect for Food & Baked Goods


  • Meets FDA requirements for use in food applications
  • Bottom sealed for extra strength
  • Cost effective alternative when compared to a standard low density bag
  • Millions of bags are in stock and ready to be shipped at a moments notice


  • These bags can hold everything from small parts to all types of food items
  • Gauge: .00085 or 0.9 Mil
  • Can be used in place of .002-.003 low density
  • Recyclable: Yes
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