Laminated Polypropylene Isolation Gowns

These gowns offer protection where liquid splash is a concern. These gowns are non linting with great tensile strength.
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  • Gowns are great for pesticide spraying, asbestos, mold remediation, painting, light acid splash protection, and any wet general maintenance areas


  • 100% Latex Free & Flame resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Rear Entry
  • Gowns come with extra long ties
  • Great tensile strength
  • Fabric conforms to FDA specifications


  • Weight 28 gram SPP (non woven 100% spunbond polypropylene) and 15 gram polyethylene (43 gram total weight)


  • SSA1A245


    • Quantity: 50 gowns per case
    • Color: White
    • Size: One size fits all
    One size fits all White White 50
    Price per Box
    $105.40 $112.15 $98.89 $95.54
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