3.15 mil Freeze to Boil Bags

Freeze to boil bags are made of a special 3.15 mil cast polypropylene material that allows them to be taken from freezer to boiling water without any failures or resulting ruptures.
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  • Bags are a handy product to use for food preparation and long term food storage
  • They make ideal products for restaurants, caterers, delis and institutional food service providers for heating and storing foods, soups, and sauces


  • Designed for freezing, heating and boiling
  • Excellent clarity, strength, impact resistance and flexibility
  • Extends shelf life for a variety of food products
  • Available in different sizes


  • Meets FDA and USDA requirements for food contact
  • Withstands temperatures from -18º to 130º C (0º to 266º F)
  • Can be used in a microwave for up to 15 minutes as specified in EEC Directive 97/48/EC
  • 3.15 mil cast polypropylene material

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