Caution Buried Storm Drain Line Below-Black/Green

Detectable underground tapes: Easily locate buried non-metalic pipes and cables before you dig with an industrial grade non-ferrous metal detector, while its bright colors make it easy to locate after dig has begun.
3 - 7 working days


  • Avoid the problem of costly dig-ins to locate buried, non-metallic cables and pipelines
  • Underground tape should be installed directly above buried pipes, cables and conduits, before final backfilling


  • Legend: Caution Buried Storm Drain Line Below
  • Tapes are printed with a Black legend on Green
  • Available sizes: 2" x 1,000', 3" x 1,000', and 6" x 1,000'
  • Tape Material: approximately 4.5 mil (.0045") with solid aluminum foil core. It is double laminated for extra protection
  • Custom Imprinting is available upon request


  • Stock material: Black/Green, AL Foil Tape

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