Custom Printed Barricade Tape

Discover our range of non-adhesive custom printed barricade tapes, providing a blank canvas for your unique designs. Available in 3" or 6" widths, these tapes showcase designs in one or two colors, creating a sophisticated repeating pattern. With options in 1.5 mil, 2.0 mil, 3.0 mil, and 4 mil, these tapes balance functionality and personalization. Choose from our standard color palette or opt for PMS colors to align with your requirements.
Elevate branding and safety with these adaptable printed tapes.
10 - 20 working days



  • Main line message: per your custom requirements
  • Maximum repeat length is 30 inches
  • Letter height can be up to 2.5 inches on a 3 inch tape or 5.5 inches on a 6 inch tape
  • Message repeats along the whole tape's length


  • Stock material: Polyethylene Non-Adhesive on Rolls
  • Available in 4 length: 100 ft., 200 ft., 300 ft., 500 ft., and 1,000 ft.
  • Comes in a variety of mil thicknesses. 1.5 mils, 2 mils, 3, mils, or 4 mils.
  • Maximum length of the repeat message: 30 inches.
  • Letter height for the 3 inches wide tape: 2.5 inches
  • Letter height for the 6 inches wide tape: 5.5 inches

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