Polypropylene Boot Covers

Polypropylene is a light weight breathable fabric that protects workers agains dry particulates and grime.
Not water resistant.
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  • Appropriate shoe cover to protect in the non toxic work environments


  • Durable & Cost effective
  • 100% Latex Free and Flame resistant
  • Fabric conforms to FDA specifications
  • Large Size (covers men's sizes 8-14)


  • Melting point of Polypropylene material is 320-328 degrees Fahrenheit. This is above the decomposition temperature of polyethylene, silk, cotton and wool
  • Generous sizing covers most work shoes and elastic top offers secure protection


  • SSA1A163


    • Color: White
    • Large Size (covers men's sizes 8-14)
    • Quantity: 200 per case (100 pairs)
    Large White White 200
    Price per Box
    $66.73 $64.59 $62.48 $60.46
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