Thermal Labels are Heating Things Up!

Thermal Labels are Heating Things Up!

AMS Printing now offers stock high performance Blank Thermal Labels available to you. They are available in Direct Thermal Labels and Thermal Label options with permanent and removable adhesive; on rolls or fanfolded.

AMS Printing has the largest variety of sizes and material colors to choose from.

Direct Thermal Labels

Direct thermal labels, where heat is applied to heat-sensitive paper, work well for warehouse applications and shipping needs. Non-top coated direct thermal labels enable high scan rates and increased printing speeds. With direct thermal labels, no toners or ribbons are needed - suitable for a wide variety of thermal printers.

Thermal Transfer Labels

Blank thermal transfer labels (and accompanying ribbons) work particularly well for consecutive barcode and consecutive numbered label printing. Using a ribbon to transfer an image via heated wax and resin on to the label, these are smudge and fade resistant. Ribbons are compatible with most popular printer models and are easy to use.

Ribbons are available in black ink and other color choices. Visit our web site to see the large selection of Thermal Transfer Ribbons.

As always AMS Printing can customize your label just contact AMS Printing today and we can support your blank or custom printed thermal label needs.

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