Printed Products Essential for Inventory Control

Printed Products Essential for Inventory Control
Inventory control is an essential process for businesses because it empowers them to do what they do best while maintaining proper organization, tracking and shipping practices. AMS Printing recognizes that there are many different printed products that make upholding proper inventory practices much simpler and streamlined. Here, AMS Printing discusses just a few products that can help businesses ensure that their products and business materials are easily sorted, stored, shipped, and tracked. 

Inventory Tags 

Inventory tags are important because they are the bread-and-butter of an organized and efficient inventory system. Inventory tags help businesses keep their products organized by recording the counting or stocktaking of products, materials, or articles. Inventory tags can be used to record several crucial pieces of information that fit the needs of the business. Some information that inventory tags typically record help to keep track of materials include the article or kind of material, inventory date, location, quantity, description, where it is along the process, who counted and checked the materials, etc. Making sure that your inventory is organized and accounted for can be difficult without proper methods for identifying products, and inventory tags keep all that relevant data for tracking, organizing, and identifying your inventory in one easy to access location. 

Printed Products Essential for Inventory Control

Shipping Tags

 Shipping tags are great for organizing shipments because they can be used for identifying or addressing items that cannot easily hold a shipping label for delivery. One of the benefits of manila shipping tags is that they are  available blank and, therefore, can be customized to include information that is needed for inventory, special orders, and categorization. This is essential for ensuring that products can get to the proper location and that those who are responsible for shipping have all the necessary information for safely transporting packages that otherwise would not have a shipping label. This includes information such as important instructions and notices for proper handling of your important items.
Printed Products Essential for Inventory Control

Consecutively Numbered Labels 
One of the benefits of numbered labels is that they can be used for inventory control as they are excellent for helping businesses keep track of their items and can be adhered to almost any surface. 
Number labels can identify who is using work equipment at the time, keep track of what department or location equipment has been assigned, when equipment is due for scheduled maintenance, conveying important use instructions and help identify items by just a quick glance thru color coding, or barcoding. Number labels have a wide range of additional uses as well. For example, number labels can be utilized as parking permits, asset control management, identification numbers can also be linked to organization members and customized to include information such as the expiration dates and names of the business or contacts.  The uses of consecutively numbered labels is endless.  Contact AMS Printing today to discuss your need for consecutive numbered labels in your organization.
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