Plastic Tags Take on the Harshest Elements

Plastic Tags Take on the Harshest Elements

As a leader in the production of tags, AMS Printing prides itself on creating tags that can take on the harshest of environments. One our most popular tag lines is our custom printed plastic tag. These plastic tags come on thick 15 mil waterproof plastic and are available in all standard tag sizes as well as custom sizes. Plastic tags are waterproof, oil proof and feature a UV resistant non-fade coating. Furthermore, it does not crack or become brittle even in cold climates. This is great for marking all kinds of items and equipment in harsh environments.


These incredibly versatile tags are available in many bright colors perfect for any use.

Custom Printing

AMS Printing can custom print our plastic tags in any custom design you can create. We offer metal eyelets and different hole diameters depending on your requirements. Tags can come with square corners, clipped corners or with rounded corners.


Our plastic tags can be finished with any tag attachments you require such as wires, looped string, knotted string, elastic string just to name a few. Call us for any special finishing you require.

Tag We are It!

If you're looking for a top notch heavy-duty and color-coded tag that can handle the toughest environments think of AMS Printing custom printed plastic tag line. And if you need these plastic tags to be blank we offer blank plastic tags. Blank plastic tags are available in Circle shapes with and without wires as well as standard tag sizes pre-wired or without wires.

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