Out of Service Tags

Out of Service Tags
Out of Service Tags are an Essential Product For Any Production Environment.

In today's performance driven world getting the job done correctly, on time and within budget are the requirements for any professional organization. With these goals in mind, any production environment must have all the tools to deal with issues that come up when producing any good or service. Out of Service tags are a key part to help organize and maintain the tools and machinery in your production line. With AMS Printing you can get these top of line Out of Service tags immediately. These tags are made from Tyvek tear proof material. This Synthetic material is light weight but can tackle any challenging production environment. Tags came with a metal eyelet to prevent any tearing at the hole. In addition, tags are pre-wired for easy attachment to any item.

Color Makes a Difference.

When designing our Out of Service tags we selected a bright Red Tyvek material that can easily be seen and noticed from a distance. Red is a color that is a industry standard ALERT color. These tags will get noticed.

Space to Write.

AMS Printing knows that Out of Service Tags need to convey important messages. We designed the tag with that in mind. We gave a lot of space on the tag for writing and filling in important information; from text boxes, to multiple lines for writing information and check boxes, this tag is beautiful and functional.

Ready to Ship.

AMS Printing has these items in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Order today!

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