Barcode and Consecutive Labels Help Control Production

Barcode and Consecutive Labels Help Control Production
Raising The Bar(code)

A staple in today's inventory, order tracking and production control arenas, barcodes are a specialty area that can spark conversation about a variety of presentation possibilities. Through the use of barcodes and numbering you can track the movements of your products and control inventory.

Where are Barcode and Consecutive Numbered Labels Used

An example of where barcode labels are used can be seen in the health and beauty industry, consecutive number and barcode labels can be a tool in revamping inventory for spring cleaning-or a way to connect to more product information than a label or package can contain, think QR codes. Adding in variable data options makes it possible to present different scents, colors and other effects that can enliven a line of products and add interesting twists to an otherwise straightforward selection, while saving money on production costs.

What Barcode is Right For Me?

Popular barcode types are Code 3 of 9, Code 2 of 5, Codabar and Code 128. We can create barcodes (including QR codes) for these formats and more, with the human readable number. Touch base with AMS Printing to confirm/discover the right barcode options. Regardless of choices, we've got over 7 presses with consecutive barcode capabilities to meet your requirements

What To Do Next?

Call AMS Printing today at 1-800-427-5585 and let us know how we can bring your next barcode project to life. We look forward to Raising The Bar(code) with you!

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