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Hospitality & Property Tags
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Hospitality tags are specially designed for Parking-Valet, Baggage & Storage, Coat Check, & more.
Baggage Tags
Baggage identification tags are specially designed & produce for hotels, shipping companies, storage, theaters, halls, luggage storage, restaurants, bus services & more.
Coat Check Tags, Colors Stock
Coat check tags are specially designed & produced for hotels, theaters, halls, restaurants & more.
Duplicate Tags - Looped String
Multiple purpose tags. Tags are printed in Black & have duplicated numbers in Black. It has "Retain THis Check" line in Red & fiber patched & looped string.
Parking-Valet Tags
Parking-valet tags are specially designed for parking-valet, hotels, restaurants & parking lots.
Property Tags with Knotted String
Lost & found tags made of Manila uncoated stock printed in Black. 5 3/4" X 2 7/8" in size.
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