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Tabs & Filing Products
Products to help organize your filing system. Tabs, file folders, divider sheets, Pre-Printed Labels and more.
File Folders
A Complete Line of legal & letter size file folders.
Combination Drawer/Shelf Folders
End Tab File Folders
File Folders with Fasteners
Straight Cut Drawer File Folders
File Tab Labels
Complete line of file tab labels.
Alphabetical Code Labels
Color Code Tab Labels
Month Code Labels
Numeric Code Labels
Year Code Labels
Folder Labels
Color coded for easy identification & smudgeproof for legibility. Available in many colors!
File Folder Labels
Wrap-Around Name Labels
Folder Protectors & Reinforcing Strips
A complete product line that protects & reinforces heavily used file folders from becoming damaged.
File Folder Edge Protectors
File Folder End Tab Protectors
Label/File Folder Protectors
Reinforcing Binder Strips
Index Divider Sheets
Divider sheets are conveniently ruled for making notes & are 7-hole punched to be used with fasteners in folders or 3-ring binders.
Admission Chart Divider Sheets
Legal Index Divder Sheets
Medical Chart Divider Sheets
Never-Jam™ Blank Copier Index Sets
Tabs-U-Create Divider Sheets
Index Tabs
Complete product line for all your index tab needs.
Erasable Write-On Index Tabs
Legal Exhibit Index Tabs
Medical Index Tabs
Printed Index Tabs
Legal Indexes
Legal index dividers with tabs to index documents exhibits, briefs & more.
Legal Index Divider Tabs: EXHIBIT A-Z
Legal Index Divider Tabs: Months
Legal Index Divider Tabs: Numerical
Medical Forms
forms per HIPAA & HCFA/CMS 1500 regulations.
Available in different colors!
Medical Information Cards & Displays
These useful cards allow the individual to fill in pertinent medical information that than can be stored in a wallet in case of emergency or for quick reference.
Multipurpose Fasteners & Accessories for Folders
All kinds of add-on fasteners, accessories, & fixtures to enhance usage of file folders.
Expanding Divider Pockets
Fasteners for File Folders
Folders Conversion Products
Folders Winged Filebacks
Self-Stick Pockets
U-File-M Binder Strips
Vinyl Outguides are flexible & easy to handle, resist cracking & tearing. Double sided "OUT" tab for easy access. Clear vinyl pocket. Heavy duty with large tabs, to provide added strength & durability for frequent handling.
Alphabetical & Blank
Bottom Tab
Center Tab
Charge-Out Slips
Large Tab
Patient Chart Identification Labels
These labels are great to quickly identify charts. Generous writing area & special adhesive allows labels to peel-off clean with no sticky residue, yet are secure enough for easy application to most any surface.
Available in 22 different colors!
Alert Instruction Labels
Blank Patient Chart ID Labels
Pre-Printed Wide Track I.D. Labels
Pre-Printed File Labels
A complete line of preprinted labels designed to STAND OUT!
Legal Labels
Medical Labels
Veterinary Filing Labels
Renew Your File Folders - Cov'r'tabs
Allows you to cover previously color coded end tab file folders - it saves money.
Cov'r'tabs - Saves File Folders
Tabs You Create
Use your laser printer and Microsoft Word® to create custom title indexes in seconds.
Tabs You Create
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