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Medical Equipment Tags
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These tags help DME/HME equipment providers meet requirements of accreditation agencies to designate the status of equipment. Compliance with these standards is good business practice and is required by governmental agencies such as Medicare.
Equipment Tag for the Healthcare Industry.
Available in different colors.
Tags come with Wires.
Large vivid tags make status visible at a glance.
Tags available in individual cases as well as convenient multi-pack containing all 3 tags.
Packaged in boxes of 500.
Multi-pack also available with 250 of each tag for a total of 750 tags
Helps equipment providers meet accreditation standards by organizations such as JCAHO, ACHA, and CHAPS that require equipment status to be clearly labeled.
Made from durable card stock.
Price per box of tags
Item # Description Color Quantity per
Price per box Quantity
# of Boxes
12 - 45 - 910 - 20
TGTCEGLK "Clean Equipment" Tag Fluorescent Green   500 $71.76 $69.68 $67.60 $64.48 
TGTDERLK "Dirty Equipment" Tag Fluorescent Red   500 $71.76 $69.68 $67.60 $64.48 
TGTMULLK Multi-Pack Colored Equipment Colored Tags 250 Fl. Red Tags
250 Fl. Yellow Tags
250 Fl. Green Tags
750 total tags
Flourescent Multi Pack   750 $89.44 $87.36 $85.28 $82.16 
TGTRELLK "Equipment Repair" Tag Fluorescent Yellow   500 $71.76 $69.68 $67.60 $64.48 
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