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Medical Labels
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Complete line of preprinted medical labels. Every must have label for the medical industry. Medical chart sticker.
Advance Directive Labels
Use these labels everywhere to know your patients' wishes at a glance. Available in many popular designs and sizes.
Alert Wrap Labels
Labels wrap-around folder edges alerting staff to important information. Available in many different designs.
ALLERGY Alert Labels
The most important and popular medical labels grab attention of doctors and staff, informing them of vital patient allergy conditions. Available in many different designs.
Billing & Collection Labels
Labels designed to get noticed for the best collection results. Save staff time by using these to-the-point messages for problem accounts.
Children's Stickers
These childrens stickers are a fun way to make our young patients feel special after each visit.
HIPPA/Privacy Labels
Bright, eye catching labels ensure your commitment to privacy and confidencialty. Available in many different sizes and designs.
Insurance Labels
These labels flag important insurance information & ensures expedient insurance filing. Keep your charts up to date with the constant changes in the insurance field.
Insurance Patient Responsibility Labels
Brightly colored labels keep your patients aware of what they owe after payment from their insurance company.
Insurance Provider Labels
Quickly identify the insurance carrier of your patient with bright bold colors. Available in many designs and colors.
Medical Alert Labels
Eye catching labels provide specific medical information concerning patients. Designed to quickly identify & alert staff to special patient needs. Available in many different designs.
Medical Chart Labels
Increase communication & efficiency in your office. Quick stick labels relate vital patient information, insuring doctors & staff are informed and up to date.
Mini Labels
A collection of the most popular small size labels used for chart and file folders.
Label size: 1 1/4" x 5/16".
Remind 'R' Labels
Labels that convey vital information & instructions quickly & easily. Perfect for invoices, letters, files & more.
X-Ray/Film Labels
Eye catching labels provide Medical Staff specific medical information concerning patients X-Ray/Film and Diagnostic. Available in many different designs.
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