Cocktail Stirrer 5.75 inches

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Environmentally friendly Green Planet paper straws can stand up to liquid without getting mushy. They’re made from FSC Certified paper, which is your assurance that they’re produced in a responsible manner.
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  • Food service application.
  • Cocktail stirrer.


  • 5.75 inch Cocktail, black, unwrapped
  • Can stand up to liquid without getting mushy.
  • Made from FDA approved paper for direct food contact.
  • FSC certified material are marine-degradable, compostable, and recycleable.
  • Can be custom printed. Call for an estimate.


  • 5.75" = Length
  • .25" = Width
  • SC Certified paper and printed with soy based ink and glue.
  • Black in color
  • Quantity per box: 12,800 (packed in inner cartons of 1600 for easier handling)

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