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Protective Clothing and Accessories
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Extensive line of safety products for production. Hair Nets, Bouffants, Beard Nets, Lab Coats, Aprons, Footwear and Body protective clothing and much more.
A complete line of Aprons for all uses. Aprons are available in many different materials.
Keyguard® Aprons
Laminated Polypropylene Aprons
Polyethylene Aprons
Polypropylene Aprons
Tyvek® Aprons
Vinyl Aprons and Vinyl Coat Aprons
Caps, Hairnets and Beard Protectors
A must have in any production environment, helps keep kitchens, offices and hospitals stay clean, safe and sanitary.
Beard Protectors
Bouffant Caps
Protect your workers with these durable coveralls. Available with and without a hood.
Available in different materials.
Heavy Duty Polypropylene Coveralls
Heavy Duty SMS Coverall
Keyguard® Coveralls
Laminated Polypropylene Coverall
Lightweight Polypropylene Coveralls
Polypropylene Coveralls
Disposable Shirts and Pants
These shirts and pants provides superior barrier protection at a fraction of the cost of new TyvekŪ. It keeps its strength wet or dry and resists tears and punctures.
Water Resistant
Keyguard® Pants
Keyguard® Shirts
Face Masks
Rely on our variety of face masks products to protect employees in the workplace. Keep offices sanitary and clean.
Dust Masks and Surgical Masks
A complete line of disposable and hand protection products that comply with provisions of the Federal Food, Drug and cosmetic act. All gloves come in easy to dispense box.
Chemical Resistant Gloves
Cut Resistant Gloves
Finger Cots
Inspection Gloves
Warehouse Gloves
Hats for use in production environments to help keep the workplace clean and safe.
Disposable Paper Hats
Protect your workers with these hoods. These pullover hoods are shoulder length to protect the head and shoulders.
Polypropylene Hoods
Isolation Gowns
These gowns are available in different materials and come with long extra long ties. Gowns come in one size fits all size.
Laminated Polypropylene Isolation Gowns
Polyethylene Isolation Gowns with Thumb Loop
Polypropylene Isolation Gown
Lab Coats
Lab coats designed to be your favorite defense against contamination while remaining comfortable to wear. Available in many different materials, configurations and sizes.
Heavy Duty Polypropylene Lab Coats
Keyguard® (Tyvek Alternative) Lab Coats
Polypropylene Lab Coats
SMS Lab Coats
Shoe and Boot Covers
For clean rooms and food service areas. Keeps dirt and dust from workspace.
Boot Covers
Shoe Covers
Sleeves & Arm Guards
A variety of arm guards made from different materials like Polyethylene, Vinyl, Polypropylene and Tyvek® material.
Keyguard® Sleeves
Laminated Polypropylene
Polyethylene Sleeve/Arm Guards
Polypropylene Sleeve/Arm Guards
Tyvek® Sleeves
Vinyl PVC Sleeves
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