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Prevent accidents and alert important instructions with adhesive and non-adhesive tapes. Tapes are lightweight, economical, and help keep the workplace safe.
Mark areas for awareness and safety applications.
Used by police, schools, hotels, clubs, institutions.
Repeat of message or warning throughout tape roll.
Tapes available with different messages.
Available in English and some in Spanish.
Meets OSHA 1910.144 for marking physical hazards.
Comes in different lengths & widths and mil. thicknesses.
Available in many colors.
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Barricade Tapes
Barricade Tapes help prevent accidents by increasing visibility of hazards. Keep your work environment safe!
Barricade Tapes (Solid Colors)
Barricade Tapes in Spanish
Barricade Tapes with Alternating-Stripes
Bilingual Barricade Tape (Red)
Bilingual Barricade Tape (Yellow)
Caution Tapes (Yellow Background)
Danger Tapes (Red Background)
Fluorescent Barricade Non Adhesive Tapes
Homeland Security Barricade Non Adhesive Tapes
Municipal Tapes
Reinforced Caution Barricade Tapes (Yellow)
Reinforced Danger Barricade Tapes (Red)
Speciality Tapes
Woven Cotton Barrier Tape
Woven Plastic Barrier Tape
Conspicuity Tapes
These tapes are easily seen, noticed, and readily visible or observable.
Tapes are attracting special attention by their brightness and outstanding reflective properties.
School Bus Conspicuity Tapes
Solid Color Conspicuity Tapes
Trailer Marking Conspicuity Tapes
Hazard Warning Tape
An easy and inexpensive way to mark aisles and physical hazards.
Highly visible, pressure-sensitive vinyl tape with permanent adhesive.
Hazard Warning Tape with Alternating Stripes
Hazard Warning Tape with Alternating Stripes, NL
Hazard Warning Tape with Checkerboard Pattern
Radiation Hazard Warning Tape
INCOM Tape Products
A complete selection of INCOM tapes in stock and ready for immediate delivery!
Gator Grip Anti-Slip Tape
Non-Slip Tapes
Non-Slip tapes are available for many applications.
Tapes are long lasting. Available in Black, White, Clear, many colors, and also glow in the dark tapes.
In addition, warning anti-skid tapes with preprinted warning is available.
Non-Slip Cleats - SAF-STEP - Black
Non-Slip Tapes - COLOR-STEP - Solid Colors
Non-Slip Tapes - COLOR-STEP - Stripes Colors
Non-Slip Tapes - FLEX-STEP - White
Non-Slip Tapes - GLOW-TRED
Non-Slip Tapes - SAF-STEP - Black
Warning Anti-Skid Tape
Pavement Marking Tape
Reflective Pavement Marking Tape for redirecting traffic around construction sites and permanently marking driveways and parking lots.
Reflective Safety Tape - Permanent Adhesive
Engineering Grade reflective material.
Helps signify danger and/or roadway hazards.
Excellent daytime and nighttime visibility.
Reflective Tape Solid Colors
Reflective Tape with Arrows
Reflective Tape with Circles
Reflective Tape with Stripes
Underground Tapes
Detectable and non-detectable underground tapes to quickly warn excavation crews of the existence of buried pipes and cables.
Detectable Underground Tapes
Non-Detectable Underground Tapes
Vinyl Electrical Tape
All weather vinyl electrical tapes are excellent for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Vinyl Flagging Tape
Non-adhesive flagging tape is excellent for marking hazards, trees, danger areas, and flagging survey markers and boundaries.
Vinyl Flagging Tape - Solid Colors
Vinyl Flagging Tape with Fluorescent Colors.
Vinyl Flagging Tape with Stripes Colors.
Vinyl Plastic Tapes
Vinyl plastic tapes are highly visible, tough, pressure-sensitive vinyl materials.
Meets OSHA safety color coded requirements.
Vinyl Safety Tapes
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